Press Clipping
CD Review

Deepti Navaratna has released her latest album Ka. Navaratna fully embraces her roots and culture, that embracement is clearly expressed in her musical style and with every note on Ka.

She has a very classically trained sound that features a few complex contemporary influences and compositions. It is heard in her music that she is in between the line of classical and modern, this constant battle is what makes her album very interesting and appealing to listen to.

Navaratna has training in South Indian Classical music under several gurus, including the very well known Rohini Manjunath.

Navaratna has a haunting and beautiful voice that accompanies the very traditional instruments. The music is very different to music fans in the United States who are used to listening to what is on the pop 40 charts, but fans should take the time to listen to the different elements that come together to make this album what is. Each beat, each instrument requires training and thought to come together to produce that sounds that can be heard on Ka.

This is a timely process and takes true dedication, every song and every note on Ka has that unique hand made element, that is not often heard in music today.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Love Song" and "KA."

These different type of elements could translate well into mainstream pop music.